We have supported the Insurance industry in the UK, Europe and Asia Pac for more than 35 years, often supplying candidates with very rare skills. As a result, we have established a reputation as an organisation at the forefront of supplying niche skillsets to Insurers large and small. We believe it is important to really understand the industries in which we work, and equally important to have an opinion on the issues they face.

Thriving through change

The insurance industry is changing rapidly, adapting to meet challenges associated with IFRS and Solvency II while implementing Digital Transformation programmes to remain relevant and competitive. Insurance customers, whether private or institutional, now demand greater control and visibility over their investments and expect that access is immediate and simple. These Regulatory and Digital projects lead to skill shortages, especially in areas such as Finance, Systems Development, Data Architecture, and Actuarial.

Additionally, data that could be used to inform underwriting and product design decisions is now held by a greater variety of organisations such as Uber, Google Maps, and Fitbit. Digital and data strategies need to be flexible to adapt to future changes which are as yet unforeseen. The challenges in this area are exacerbated by an Actuarial skills shortage as more organisations outside insurance recognise the expertise an actuary can bring to both understanding and using Big Data.

The right people for the right roles

We have sourced entire teams of specialist Contractors, often from other continents, to enable our clients to support and develop their systems. We also supply people with appropriate vendor experience to give clients sustainable visibility and control over outsourced projects.

Many of our Contractors have worked through PiC on multiple projects and clients and a significant number have worked with us continuously for over 10 years.

Our candidate network includes professionals who specialise in:

  • Systems – Prophet, MoSes, MG-Alfa, Igloo, ResQ, ReMetrica, Guidewire, Bravura Sonata, GBST Composer, Acturis, Thunderhead, CLOAS, Life/400
  • Technical and business disciplines – Actuaries, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence, Change Managers, Data Architects, Data Analysts, Data Warehouse Developers, Digital Transformation, Project/Programme Managers, Software Developers
  • Regulatory issues – IFRS, Solvency II
Tony King - PiC FinServ Recruitment - Insurance